World Domination – Step 1: Mom’s Bed

Madame has set her first plan into action for world domination, step 1 Mom’s bed, and it is with a heavy heart I need to admit that she has become a pro at mastering this step.

Madame sleeps with me in my bed (co-sleeping), she has her side and she has my side of the Queen size bed. The other night I lovingly took her out her carrycot and tucked her up warmly in bed, making sure that her blanket teddy was in reaching distance, that her blanket was still wrapped around her, that she was nice and warm and wasn’t disturbed too much with the transition. She coped well (Point 1 to Mom).

I then got on with my bedtime routine, pjs, brushteeth, say good night and climb into bed, only to discover a Flipping Singing Caterpillar in my bed (Point 1 to Madame). I remove the Caterpillar and place it on the bedside table ready and waiting for new adventure the next morning. I feel something weighing down the duvet and I think it’s the cat, wrong! It’s her Violet Teddy Bear (Point 2 to Madame) in between the duvet and the blanket. I remove the bear and put it up by her head. I then stretch my legs out to snuggle in, and something is scratching my feet… a Frog Teething ring (Point 3 to Madame).

I leap out of bed and quickly and gently, don’t want to wake Madame up, do a once, twice, thrice look over for any possible remaining items in bed. After removing them all, it’s now time to get into and enjoy a good night sleep.

Items collected from MOM’s bed during Project Eradicate Ladybug’s Domination of Mom’s Bed:
1x Flipping Singing Caterpillar
1x Frog Teething Ring
1x Violet Teddy Bear
1x Burping Cloth
1x Bib
3x Odd Socks
1x PJ Bottoms

How on earth does someone so small and unable to actually do things really manage to skilfully leave ALL that in my bed?

Total tally:
Mom – 1 Point
Ladybug – 9 Points

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