Whats this? Whats that? And this? And that?

Speak to most Mom’s and they will tell you the worst stage of a child’s talking life is the why (or wwwwhhhhyyyyyy) stage. Everything is why? Everything is questioned, and you as a parent need to come up with some creative answers at the best of times. I don’t know why this would be the worst stage of talking stage, I understand that answering every why can become frustrating but it shows an inquisitive mind always questioning things. I can see that when we enter the why stage, I might change my opinion on this, but I will be happy is Ladybug questions everything that is told to her, it means she will be using that brain of hers and not just accepting what is told to her.

At the moment we are at the “What’s dis (this)?” and “What’s dat (that?)” stage in her talking life. Everything that is new to her is “What’s dis?” and if she knows the answer and I get it right then I get a “dats it” and a clap of hands because Mommy is as clever as she is. She questions everything, I have answered no less than 10 what’s dis questions before we leave for school in the morning and it doesn’t slow down when we get home. Ladybug has worked out that everything has a name and it is called by that name. She might not be able to say the name of something yet, but she knows what it is and generally whats its purpose is on this planet.

Today we skipped a whats dis section of our daily routine. Each morning I get out her shoes and it’s a “Whats dis?” and answered with “your shoes” to which her foot then gets lifted in the air and I must put them on her. She also spends allot of time picking up my shoes and trying to put them on me – a classic case of Monkey See, Monkey Do. This morning, I didn’t get the “What’s dis?” when it came time to put her shoes on, there was a “shoosh?” and the foot went up in the air. She got it! It finally got it! Weeks of whats dis, lead to her telling me they shoosh. Needless to say, after that she didn’t approve of the shoes I was wearing for the day and followed me round the house holding my takkies saying “Mamma shoosh” and the more I told her I had my shoes on already I got a “no-no, Mamma shoosh”.

My Ladybug is growing up so fast, and her little brain is working overtime – Im sure that’s the lingering smoke smell I can smell around the house…


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