Water Washes The Sulks Away

Being riddled with Mommy Guilt because I haven’t been able to do things with Ladybug, or it may have been the fact that she had Harry the Hungry Hadeda on her singing list for a number of days, we decided to head out to Monte Casino on Sunday to go watch The Beautiful Creatures Show (again). This time we roped Grandad in as Chauffeur, plus Ladybug was super excited to take Grandad to go watch Beautiful Creatures.

Well… she was super excited until we actually got there. Then the sulks set in, BIG TIME! She sulked because she couldn’t go on the stage, she sulked because it hadn’t started, she sulked because they sang Harry the Hungry Hadeda. But then, they called the kids up on stage and she was in her element, until they were sent off the stage, then she sulked. Oh My Word… I cannot deal with the sulks… that bottom lip… I give up. She had practically been nagging to go, she was super excited and then… WOW!

Click here for the video

Click here for the video

To be honest, I was glad when the show was over we could go home. Plus Ladybug had asked to go home, which is part of her sulking now. And then… she found the fountains…

I carried a dripping wet Ladybug through Monte Casino to the car, and I was the happiest Mom in the world. Ladybug wasn’t sulking, the outing wasn’t a complete disaster, she was happy, there was a smile on her face and she loved playing in the fountains.

Next month we may have to go again, but this time I will make sure I have a change of clothes and she can play in the fountains until her heart is content, as long as she doesn’t sulk!



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  1. Kids are really here to teach us something hey.. the simple stuff like water hey… I think Nicky would have been the same, he has spectacular tantrums as well…

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