It’s Time for an Update in Life and the Blog

To say that the last 2 months have been crazy, might just be the understatement of the year! Finally it feels like life has calmed down to a slow panic and we might just be getting the hang of things. Here’s a quick update on what we have been up to and how things are going.

School Update

After a mad dash at the end of last term to find a new school for Ladybug, Im pleased to say that she has started Kindergarten and is settling in really well.

School Update

She is in a small school where there is only one glass per year and there are about 25 kids in her class. She has a Buddy who is in Year 6 and she adores him, he’s the Bees Knees as far as she is concerned. Ladybug has grown in leaps and bounds this term. She is reading, copy writing and thriving to unexpected levels. Everything she missed out on in first term, she has managed to catch up on already.

Although I am battling to help Ladybug understand that letter sounds actually make a word. She can phonetically spell a word when she reads it – Like sip – but when you ask her what it says she will answer tap!?!?! I have no idea where her mind is sometimes. So if anyone has any ideas on how to get her to click that sssssssss—-iiiiiiiii—–pppppp spells sip and not tap it would be greatly appreciated.

My school is going well, I have also managed to catch up the whole of the first term – a huge thanks to my Mom who has helped me a lot in looking after Ladybug and allowing me the time to sit and catch up the work. It is quite a culture shock to see how the Early Childhood Schooling system works here versus in South Africa. There are some major differences in terms of Health, Safety, Nutrition… the real basics. In some ways, South Africa is great and in other ways South Africa is lacking so far behind they look archaic

Transport Update

We seem to be getting the hang of our new life here on the island. I battle personally because everything is so laid back and there isn’t that continuous bustle of Johannesburg happening all around. The quietness takes some getting used to and I’ve started enjoying it on my walks. I still can’t get over how bright the colours are here, how blue the sky is how crisp the sunset is… just goes to show you how living in a city can really smog up things.

Having done 9 weeks last year without my trusty car and relying on friends and Uber to get around, I vowed that I would never be without a car again. Well that lasted until we got to Australia! Out West where we are, there is no Uber and I still don’t have a car, so I had to make a plan. I’ve got really good at reading bus timetables and figuring out which buses go where and when, plus when that doesn’t quiet work out I have my feet! A lot of walking has been done is both walkable and non-walkable shoes.  You get to learn really quickly which one’s work and which ones don’t.

Ladybug has decided that she too needs to ditch Granny’s Taxi to get to and from school. She prefers to use the bus and walk to school. Today was a big day for her, she caught the bus to school and home from school all by herself! My heart is still not 100% ready to accept this, but she was so excited and so proud that she did it all by herself (with some help from the bigger girls from her school when it came time to get off the bus at home).

Emotions Update

The move has been relatively easy in one way and damn hard in other ways. Fortunately we have family here which has helped like you wont believe, in fact I don’t think we could have done a move like this if it wasn’t for them. It might make it physically better, but emotionally it still takes it toll.

Ladybug has battled, she is now worried because she cant remember all the kids names in her class back in Johannesburg and asks me to phone her Teacher to check that this is ok if she cant remember them. There is still a pull for her form both sides, her life here now in Australia and her life that she has known her whole life. Its very clear when she does something and asks me to take a picture to send to Granny, then she packs out laughing and says “Oh just go call Granny”. She’s getting better, but it will take time.

I battle too, I miss my home and my friends something incredible and wile I knew that would happen, I didn’t think that it could possibly be that hard. Luckily I can still bug my friends regularly and sometimes a phone call is what’s needed to ease the homesickness. Its all part of the process I guess, but it’s the sucky part!

Sports Update

One thing I can be sure of, and it doesn’t matter if we are on the Island of Australia or on the tip of the African Continent, I will be a sideline Mom. Ladybug loves her sports and now it is Hockey Season, so every Monday night I can be found on the side of the Astro Turf (freezing my butt off) while Ladybug hones in on her hockey skills.

Ladybug on the other hand is trying to wrap her head round the fact that she doesn’t play hockey on a Saturday morning, but “Always at night” now. She is the youngest on her team and although she made the team, Im being a mean Mom and not letting her play in the matches just yet. She needs to learn how to play as a team player a little more before she plays weekly matches (plus she’s 5 playing with 6 and 7 year olds).

Hockey Update

Blog Update

As you can see, I have constructively used my late-night study sessions to do a bit of an over haul on the blog. I decided that it needed a new look for our new adventure. I have so many exciting things lined up and I cant wait to share them with you. There are some awesome giveaways happening this Month, Monthly challenges on the go – how’s your glass recycling going? – and there are some amazing reviews I have in store. I am really excited about where this little blog is going and how its grown to way more than anything I ever imagined and I cant wait for you to join me on the adventure.

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  1. Its hard to watch kiddos grow up. They do it too fast! LOL

  2. It sounds like where you live is a bit of paradise! I live in the US in Minnesota where there is literally only 4 months of nice warm weather lol

  3. I like your new look. 🙂

  4. Aww.. kids grow up so fast & learn so quickly to be independent! Could relate it so very well to my niece who was just born & is now 10years! Time flies!

  5. I hear ya about kids growing up. My oldest is going into 7th grade next year!

  6. The time goes by fast, doesn’t it?! My oldest is finishing up 1st grade and my second starts kindergarten this fall. All the feels over here. Loved reading this, mama! xo

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