What Toys are Trending for Girls in 2017?

If you are anything like me, you tend to stay away from toy shops or you only consider entering them once you have a detailed floor-plan laid out and you know exactly what it is you looking for and where to find it. If you do not have this strategy in place, you pretty screwed! How do you know whats trending for kids toys then? How do you know what to get the kids for birthday presents? Thankfully I might be able to steer you in the right direction with a little help from Prima Toys.

What Toys Trending for 2017

Last year we saw the start of the collectibles coming in with Prima Toys when their Top Toys for Christmas was launched. 2017, things haven’t changed much and collectibles are still the must have toys. Guys these are the gift that keep on giving! Ladybug was lucky enough to receive some Collectibles to test drive which may have lead to a slight obsession with Twozies.


While there are a number of awesome collectibles – I will go through them over the next few weeks – today I’m going to touch on the Twozies Collection. The Good, The bad and the WTF?

So what are Twozies?

Twozies are the the new Baby and Pet collectiables that do everything together when matched. Presented in awesome shadow boxes, that can be stacked together or mounted, each character is perfectly adorable and with 140 characters, girls will be on the lookout for more.

Twozies Surprize Packs

The perfect entry point is the Twozies Surprise pack, they contain one surprise baby and one surprise pet with a shadow box and a scene card. I have found that these surprise boxes have worked wonders as a bribe, I mean Good Behavior treat for Ladybug (way way better than sweets or chocolate). We are yet to receive the same Baby or Pet in our collection.

TwoGether Playset

The Twogether playsets have 2 Babies, 2 Pets, a larger showdown box and scene equipment. This is an awesome addition to the Surprise Pack.  The friends can all go on a boat ride or get Ice-cream and have a picnic. My only concern with the Twogether Playsets is that there are very tiny pieces in the sets.  While Ladybug is old enough not to chew/choke on a piece they do get lost. So my advice would be to maybe put the smaller pieces in a safe place for a later stage.  They can still have fun without them and there are less tears if they get lost.

Friends 6 Pack and Twogether 12 Pack

If you find your little ones collection needs an extra boost, you can get the larger 6 pack.  This pack has 3 Babies and 3 Pets. If they have been extra good, or there is a birthday have a look at the 12 pack. There are 6 babies and 6 pets to be found in this pack.  There are surprises in each bumper pack so you don’t quiet know what you getting.

Twozies Fun

Here are some fun Printable to keep them occupied until they get their next (or first) Twozie.


Click on the image for full size


Click on the image for full size

Fancy a game of snap?

Click on the image for full size

Click on the image for full size

Click on the image for full size

I hope you and your girls have a fun time Twogether playing with their Twozies.

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  1. I swear I never know what toys are trending! With 3 kids I’m usually too broke to buy toys, so don’t bother. lol. My daughter would enjoy the Twozies though. Will see what she thinks.

    • Simone -I feel you. I go to the Crazy Store if I little money to get a toy. It helps to get a new toy when driving long distance, which we do a few times a year. The Twogether set looks so adorable.

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