Time is on my side

When you get to 36 weeks into your pregnancy and your maternity leave is in sight you have all these wonderful ideas of 4 months of leisure time. Time to catch up on everything. Time to do things that have been on your to do list for months. After all its Maternity LEAVE… wrong. Time disappears, hours turn to minutes, minutes turn to seconds and next thing you know the month is up and then two months. One could blame the endorphins released by falling hopelessly in love with your newborn, but that’s not it completely.

Time goes by so slowly

You would think that when you a Stay at Home Mom who Homeschools, you would have all this time to do things… You know like blog about your world travel adventures! Wrong!!! Just like when you on Maternity leave, days turn to hours, hours turn to minutes and minutes turn to seconds and this time I cant blame the endorphins of a newborn baby.

Im convinced the more time we spend with our little humans time disappears. Before I know it, we have ONLY managed to do school work, wash a couple of loads of washing, clean the house (that is most definitely the one thing I miss about South Africa, my loving Caroline). I have looked forward to nap time, because by now Ladybug is ready for it, but I have the grand illusion that once she drifts off to peaceful slumber, I will have copious amounts of time to blog. Wrong again, before I know it I have drifted off to sleep and the alarm is waking me up, it’s time to fetch Granny from school and we none stop again until bedtime.

Time Is not on my side

I can’t believe we have been in Australia very close on 3 months already and I have barely managed to blog (This post has been sitting in draft since week 5, then week 6, now hopefully it will be posted). So while things look like they are calming down to a slow panic and I think Im getting the hang of all the new hats I have to wear.  Im also coming out of my Holiday Haze and I promise to update you all with exactly what we have been up to on all our adventures.



  1. Sheez…. it’s about time. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Time flies when you are having fun! Looking forward to hear more about your travels

  3. I was just thinking about you guys on Friday wondering where in the world you are and how your adventures are going! Nice to hear from you 🙂

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