This is how we roll

A step by step guide:
Step 1: Lie on tummy and lift head.
Step 2: Extend arms out in front (Superman style).
Step 3: Lift shoulders and tilt head back, while arching back.
Step 4: Ensure right hand has firm Jazz Hands and arm is straight.
Step 5: Find floor with back of head and right arm lifted (ensure that hips remain firmly attached to the floor at this stage).
Step 6: Once back of head has found floor, bring right shoulder over to touch floor (not forgetting the firm Jazz Hands).
Step 7: Aid shoulder in touching floor by lifting right hip off floor.
Step 8: Bring right hip over, until bum in on the floor.
Step 9: And SMILE, the roll is complete!

And THIS is how Ladybug rolls!

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