Thick as Thieves

Ladybug has a BFF at school, Oosie (as she calls her or Oosinda) they are 20 days apart in age and they have been friends since forever.  

10012519_10153932076355472_2136952746_nLadybug calls Oosie’s Mommy “Mommy” but heaven forbid if Oosie calls me Mommy – Ladybug gets her strop on and sulks she has even told Oosie “Its My Mommy not Oosie’s”.  There are days where I have threatened to take Oosie home when Ladybug doesn’t want to leave school because Oosie is so much nicer to me.  

The other day Ladybug kept telling me her name is “Ladybug My Pillow” and I didn’t have a cooking clue where she was getting this from.  Then she would tell me Oosie’s name is Oosie My Pillow then I twigged and after confirming with Teacher Kirsten, it turns out Oosie’s second name is Maria and her surname is Papelo – Ladybug had renamed herself and decided that if she couldn’t physically be Oosie’s sister she was just going to have the same surname as Oosie!

When going through all the names of the kids in her class photo, everyone is only their first name, the teachers might have Teacher put in front of their name, but not always.  Oosie’s Mom is sometimes called Mommy, but without fail Oosie gets her full name… all three of them sometimes!  Teacher Kirsten has said as many times as she needs to use Ladybugs full name she uses Oosie’s full name too – and Im sure it’s in quick succession too!

Yesterday I saw Oosie, her Mom and her brother walking home after school and what I witnessed in my rearview mirror got me reconsidering taking Oosie home instead of Ladybug, it also made me realise that these two, there is NO difference between them!   Oosie’s Mom was trying to hold Oosie’s hand so they could cross the road; she pulled away and put her hand behind her back stopping dead on the pavement (exactly like Ladybug does).  Oosie’s Mom then held the hood of her top (as I do with Ladybug) and then picked her up as a last resort (exactly as I would have had to do with Ladybug).  This has made me come to the conclusion that Ladybug and Oosie are as thick as thieves, there really will be no difference if I take Oosie home or if I take Ladybug home!

10385368_10154181897100472_2460405019771455307_nLong may this amazing friendship last between the two of them, as my friendship with Sarah has (we met at the same age as Oosie and Ladybug at a school just around the corner from their school).



  1. so sweet, and friendships like that often do last a lifetime

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