The journey has started

Today marked a significant day, not only is today the first day Madame Ladybug goes to Creche, but it also marks the start of her education. For the next 18 years Madame will be in the same routine during the week – Get up, get ready for school, go to school and learn as much as possible and be the best academically as she can, come home, (pretend to) do homework, fight with me about studying/homework, bath, dinner and then go to bed.

I am simply blown away that her future is set out already, she is 9 weeks old tomorrow and already down for a Primary School and High School (should we be in SA still and her school is sorted if we are in Australia too). If anyone had told me that I would need to make these decisions about Ladybugs future education before she was even able to speak a word, I would have told you that you were insane. But here I am, having made these decisions for my child. Are they the right decisions, I don’t know, but they are good decisions and they are good schools. I am hoping over the next 18 years they remain good schools and that she is able to get the most out of them and become the independent woman I invision her to be.

28 years ago when I started at Crèche, little did I know that I would meet a person who would be a major part of my life for the rest of my life, someone that would impact my life in so many ways not even she knows. I met Sarah when I started crèche; our friendship grew from (her) the swing to a bond that would last a lifetime. A friendship that has survived through different schools, different provinces and different countries, a friendship that can go months without seeing each other and pick up like it was yesterday that we did see each other and somehow my friend now speaks incredible words of wisdom (when did she grow up?) and I find myself still learning from her.

I can only hope that through Madame’s Schooling lifetime that she meets someone as special as Sarah and that I have made the right decisions school wise for her to be able to meet someone like this and learn valuable lessons from/with.

Good luck for today my little Ladybug, I know you will do wonderfully on this new chapter of your life, I can only provide the tools in providing your schooling; it is up to you now to make the most of it and become a remarkable person.

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