Spinning out of control like a slow motion cartoon

I am convinced that the closer to the end of the year we get, the earth spins faster and hours become minutes, days become hours and weeks become days. But then on the same note the spin slows down and the minutes become hours, hours become days and days become weeks. Somehow this phenomenon can only happen in November/December as we enter into the festive season. As soon as the first decorations get put up in shops, brace yourself for this phenomenon.

I cant believe it is Friday already. Just the other day I was spoiling Ladybug rotten at MamaMagic and waiting for my insane Brother Dear (Uncle Nicky) to arrive from Westville for Gaga and a weekend of bonding. But that was almost a week ago! Where does the time disappear to? There is still so much to do on my list of “Have to do before we leave” and the reality is, we leave in 11 sleeps.

In the next 11 sleeps I need to :

  • Get Forex
  • Pack
  • Repack
  • Confirm play-dates in Sydney (yip we do international playdates now… Local is just so last month)
  • Pick Nonny up from the airport
  • Get chucked out my bed so Nonny and Ladybug can sleep in it
  • Check Nonny’s bag when she leaves to make sure she hasn’t taken Ladybug
  • Deliver Nonny, without Ladybug, to her Mom
  • Pack
  • Do Christmas Shopping
  • Get the Car Serviced
  • Renew my car licence
  • Repack
  • Finish work
  • Wrap Pressies – which is Always fun with Ladybug
  • Do my hair, nails and get pampered (ok that is wishful thinking)
  • Do Goodbye Visits and delivering of presents

And all this in 11 sleeps! Shoo the world is spinning way too fast, but its dragging at the same time. Work is taking forever to get through the day!!!

Originally, I wasn’t too thrilled about going, it was bitter sweet because of the battle I had to get Madame’s Visa, but now as the sleeps get less and the bags are getting packed, Im actually sort of excited. Im just not looking forward to the flight back, it’s a WHOLE day flight. We leave Dubbo at 06h30 (Australian Time), we leave Sydney at 10h30 (Australian time) and we arrive back in Sunny SA at 15h30. By January Im sure Ladybug will be walking, so any tips on how to keep a busy (newly) walking baby busy will be greatly appreciated, otherwise I’m using tequila, tranquilizers and a 10 pound hammer (Tequila and tranquilizers are for me).


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