{Book Review} Children’s Book: Snowy by Angus Buchan

Recently I was sent a few books from CAM (Christian Art Media), I love receiving books from them because somehow it seems to be the right books at the right time and they help so much with my current situation, as a parent and a person. But this time there was an amazing Children’s book – Snowy – for Ladybug to enjoy.

For those that follow us on social media, you would have no doubt seen that Ladybug loves books. I think if it was possible to literally inhale books, Ladybug would, so when a new book comes along for Ladybug we both jump up and down for joy – and I personally enjoy books that are more than just a story for her because she can take something away from it.

Snowy by Angus Buchan

Snowy is a beautifully illustrated book about a farmer and a horse who talk about Jesus and their fun-filled life on the farm. The stories are short, literally a double page, and each story is accompanied by a scripture verse so it a story with a lesson to be learnt. I will admit at first I thought the stories would be a bit over Ladybug comprehension and understanding and she would just see them as bedtime stories, but I was sorely mistaken.

Snowy by Angus Buchan

Because the stories have a lesson to them, they hit some truths quiet hard, but in a way that children understand. Often after we finish a story, Ladybug and I discuss the story we have just read – which isn’t a forced discussion, it is encouraged through the story. We relate the story either into her life at home with me or at school with her friends. It gets her to think about things in a different light, she can see what went wrong, how it should have been handled and how to handle it going forward.

Snowy bu Angus Buchan

After each story there is a little prayer that can be said, relating to the story. It often asks for help to understand the lesson of the story. It is literally a few sentences, which is great because its short, sweet and to the point – perfect for a tired 5 year olds little mind.  After the story and the prayer there is an activity that can be done. We do the activity together and really enjoy them. They can be anything from spot the difference, to find the animals, find your way through the maze and colouring in (we don’t colour in but our magic painting fingers really have a great time with this one).

Snowy by Angus Buchan

Snowy has brought us closer

Bedtime stories are not a new thing for us, in fact its something that is entrenched in our daily lives but the one thing I have noticed with Snowy is that the discussion we have about the story afterwards has allowed us to talk freely about things. Ladybug had opened to things she has done wrong (usually it involves her not wanting to play with one friend because of some or other reason and she can see how that was wrong, or how a person was mistreated), but it has opened another deeper line of communication for us.

Ladybug enjoys looking forward to a new story every night, a new prayer, and a new activity. I enjoy the time spent with her, but I have also enjoyed watching her grow and learn throughout the book. This has become our new go to bedtime book and once we have finished all the stories, I will be recycling it in our routine in the future – maybe not all at once, but I will be picking stories to re-read and go through the lessons to be learnt with her again.

Snowy is available at CUM Books, online and most leading bookstores. The bonus is that Snowy is available in English and Afrikaans.

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  1. I really like this book – I think I will get it for my kids


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