Sharing Ice-creams, Oceans Apart

The interwebs and technology… Where would we be without it? Its simple. We are unable to function without it. Think about it. Loadshedding happens and suddenly people sit idle because they don’t know what to do, they are unable to function because the power is out. Power is required to run the PCs, the Modems, the broadband and ultimately the internet – yes yes you can use your phone which actually doesn’t require Eskom keeping the lights on, but sooner or later that phone is going to go flat, which means you need Eskom involved to keep the internet going.

As much as we struggle to function without the internet, I for one am really glad we have it and that it has become such a fundamental part of our daily lives. For one, I have all of you reading this blog and I am able to put my thoughts out there into cyber space for Ladybug to go back and cringe when she reads some of the antics she was up to. But it has also meant that Ladybug has a “normal” relationship with Grasshopper Granny in Australia.



Grasshopper Granny is able to be involved in normal everyday things, with the assistance of Skype. In our weekly Skype calls Grasshopper Granny has been shown new things regularly (to the point where Ladybug thought the speaker phone was Skype and she tried to show Big Granny Stuffy through the speaker)


Grasshopper Granny gets to keep up to date with the latest songs at school, and the two of them get to make up new versions together. They have tickling fits with each other and they have even shared an icecream over Skype.

Sharing Icecream

More recently Ladybug has taken to playing with Grasshopper Granny in her dedgeroom (playroom). The two of them wonder off while I carry on with what ever I was doing and they play in her dedgeroom. Most of the time I have to remind Ladybug to pick Grasshopper Granny up because she looks at the ceiling a lot, and lately I have had to tell her she cant just leave Grasshopper Granny in the dedgeroom on the floor when she comes to show me something.

I know this type of relationship is not ideal – the ideal would be Grasshopper Granny and everyone being together in person, but there a few gallons of sea water that make that a little impossible at times. The interwebs and technology is allowing the two of them (and the rest of the family) to build an amazing relationship and bond by sharing normal daily activates.


It really has become a global village because at times it doesn’t feel like Grasshopper Granny is all the way over in Australia, especially not when she is “tickling” Ladybug and sharing icecreams.



  1. Awwww sweet!!!

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