S is for Selfies

The problem with selfies taken at 05h30 in the morning and with more than one person…

  • At least one person looks like they had one too many:


  • At least least one person ALWAYS has their eyes closed:


  • At least one person is being squished too tight:


  • At least one person doesnt want more selfies taken:



So selfies (with a 2 year old) at 05h30 are not a good idea!



  1. So sweet. No matter what time of day !

  2. Never mind, you look fab and it was the thought that counted! Try later at another time…

  3. I once knew a Mom who died, and the children only had one video of her waking up from a nap. Keep taking selfies and keep thinking of ways to black mail the child with how silly they really were.

  4. “the child with how silly she was!” I hope you have more children if that is your wish.

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