Out of the Mouths of Babes

Ladybug’s thought process sometimes leaves me wondering where the hell she picked that up from.  She understands allot more than I think I give her credit for, but really the things she comes up with leave me stunned, or wetting myself laughing.

A Lecture on Biting – Ladybug had tried to bite her friend at school but Fredah managed to stop the bite before teeth and skin made contact
Me: Why did you bite MJ?
Ladybug: Huh?
Me: You tried to bite MJ, why?
Ladybug: Huh? (acting as if she didnt know what I was talking about)
Me: MJ is our friend we don’t bite friend
Ladybug: Teacher stop Moo
Me: Yes I know Teacher stopped you, but you shouldn’t have tried to bite him in the first place.
Ladybug: Yay Teacher!

While leaving the house and heading down the stairs with a full school bag on her back.  I told Ladybug to hold my hand.  Her response “No Mommy. I two.”

Since Ladybug was tiny she has been told that Im going to work to earn money to buy her shoes.  Saturday morning while on our way to the shops the conversation went like this:
Ladybug: Mommy work?
Me: No not today, Im not going to work.
Ladybug: Yay shoes!

With the weather being wet and miserable Monday morning, sleeping beauty only woke up after 6h15 and was in a grumpy mood because I needed to rush her.  She climbed back into bed after she was dressed:
Ladybug: Mommy I sick
Me: Really? You not sick you full of rubbish
Ladybug: No mommy I sick
Me: No you not, and you not staying at home.
Ladybug: Mommeeeeeeeeee…
Me: Yes?
Ladybug: Moo shoes sick!

Then you get the classic renaming of things.
a. Feet = Shoes or Sheep
b. Shrek = F*ck
c. Nemo = Meemoo
e. Mickey Mouse  = Nickey Nowsh
g. Speaker = Man (I can see how this happens, a man’s voice comes out of it)
h. Stranger = Daddy (she’s worked out that kids call people Daddy – you should SEE the guys turn a whiter shade of pale.  I don’t correct her because I enjoy getting a kick out of it hehehehe)

Im loving this stage of Ladybug’s development!


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