Operation Humanisation Commence

Each day Ladybug is becoming more human.  Each day there is a little bit that changes.  It started with sitting, playing with me, to crawling, to her saying “words” in context, waving and clapping and then there was the standing.  First she pulled herself up on everything, whether it was solid or not and maybe that should have been an indication, because she would hardly hold something to pull herself up.

Then on Saturday Ladybug decided that sitting and dancing to X-Factor was so last week, now it was time to stand and wiggle that bum to X-Factor.  Only problem, we don’t have a table to her to stand and hold onto while attempting the bum wiggle.  No problem to Ladybug, she still stood there and bum wiggled!  On her own, wiggling that bum and clapping.

Then Sunday came, and apparently (now I say apparently because I did not see it) but Ladybug took her first consecutive steps.  She apparently took her first step at school the week before last and last night apparently took two steps for Grandad and Grandma.  I was in the room, but didn’t see it, so I think they telling me porky pies and trying to give me more grey hairs.

My dear darling Ladybug, S-T-O-P trying to grow up so quickly.  You have plenty of time to live and experience things.  There is no need for you to walk now, you not even 9 months old for heaven’s sake!  We have 22 sleeps before we head off to Grasshopper Granny, could you maybe hold on this whole walking thing until I don’t know say Sydney Airport, then you can walk till your heart is content.  But there are conditions to you walking.  If you walk, you are a big girl and Mommy doesn’t carry big girls around.  If you walk you have to wear shoes ALL the time.  So think about those two things before you take your first (real) steps!

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