On And Off… Off And On We Go!

I thought we were done. I thought milestones were only reached in the baby and toddler years, or at the very least I though my heart would stop breaking a little each time a milestone was reached. One thing I can tell you, it sure as hell doesn’t get easier the older they get.

Last week a new milestone was reached in Ladybug’s journey to becoming a fully self-functioning human.

As dusk turned to night, I noticed that Ladybug was still playing in her playroom and she hadn’t moved to the lounge – where I was and where the lights we on. So I popped my head in to see if she was still alive and breathing, now days I cant go on the level of noise because she doesn’t make a noise when she is reading of building puzzles. Lone behold, there she was sitting at the table in her playroom playing with her peg board, with the lights on.

At first I shrugged it off and thought that she had stood on the table to switch the light on. I think secretly I was in denial. Later that night she switched the light off in my bedroom before she got into bed… it took me a very slow 5 seconds to register what had happened, when I registered it I thought her little pink step was still there, but looking again there was no step! So, as one does when your performing monkey has learnt a new trick, I asked Ladybug to switch the light on again and she did it again with no step.


My little Ladybug is now tall enough to switch lights on and off by herself without her step. I am gobsmacked, when did she get so tall? When did she take one more step to becoming a fully self-functioning human? Of course when I ask her I get told “When I turned 4 Mommy!” and that’s that!

Of course, being able to reach the light switches now brings in a whole new step in her independence, but also her responsibility. She loves it! Her new chore in the house is to make sure all the lights are turned off before we go to bed and she struts that “Proud as a peacock” strut as she switches off each light in the house.


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  1. Well done to her -and onwards to more independance

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