Old Mac Donald had a (Dairy) Farm

I love Autumn! It’s the perfect time of year, its still warmish outside, you can be outside without burning to a crisp (my skin looks at the sun and Im burnt), and you can still enjoy outdoor activities without layers upon layers of clothes.

This weekend we did the groet trek through to Irene Dairy Farm, it was sort of a last minute decision as we were looking for a place that had animals and a place where we could enjoy the outdoors.

Ladybug had an absolute blast! From climbing up the jungle gym – and giving me mild heart failure – to her actually eating some of the breakfast buffet to her being able to walk around freely (and barefoot).

She was a little more apprehensive with the cows this time because they kept trying to lick her and she wasn’t too sure about this!


It was a fabulous morning out and one that we will be doing more regularly (I hope).


P.S. This is not a sponsored post!

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