Many Many Firsts…

So this blog is all about the stats… I did warn you that things were going to be a bit backwards for a while!

Birth Stats:
Date: 1st March 2012
Weight: 3.51kgs
Length: 57cms
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Present at the birth: Helen (Grandma), Wendy and Marilyn (Midwife)

The First Stats:
First Phone Call I Made: To My Mom (Granny) in Australia
(Photo to be posted tonight)
First time I cried: While on the phone to My Mom
First phone calls made: Mom, Gareth, Sarah and Granny (REAL Granny)
First Picture sent to: Mark (who posted it on Facebook so Granny and the world could see)
First Visitor (Family): George (Granddad)
First Visitor (Friends): Gary
Visitors in hospital (Family): Great Granny, Granddad, Grandma, Aunty Wendy and Kyle
Visitors in Hospital (friends): Mark, Mandi, Damien and Gary
First time my heart melted: 19h30 on the 1st March 2012
First Time Great Granny held her: On the 2nd March 2012 (brand spanking new she slept in Great Granny’s arms)
First night she kept me awake: 2nd March 2012 from 2am – 5am
First Night at Home: 3rd March 2012
First Skype Call: 3rd March to the family in Australia
First Outing: To Indulgence to see Mandi on 5th March 2012
First Photographed Smile: 8th March 2012 (smiling before that though)
First Bath: 8th March 2012
First Time she broke my heart: 9th March 2012
First Plane Trip: 10th March 2012 to Durban
First Night she slept through: 23rd March 2012
First Laugh: 27th March 2012 (in her sleep)
First Time Sitting Alone: 2nd April 2012 (in a Bumbo)
First Time she met and Aunt or Uncle: 4th April 2012 – Her Uncle Panda
First Laughter Out Loud: 8th April 2012
First Time in Big Girl Clothes (With Shoes): 11th April 2012
First Real Tears: 12th April 2012


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