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The LeapFrog LeapBand is a kid’s activity tracker that aims to get children moving with a series of fun physical challenges and games. It is both a watch and a wristband tracker.

I fell in love with LeapFrog when Ladybug was a teeny tiny bug, she has a number of their products from Violet, Read to Me Violet, The Reading Tag and now the latest addition is the Activity Tracker. I keep being blown away by the LeapFrog Gadgets especially as they are age appropriate and there is always a new one to look forward to, a new one to add to your collection and although Ladybug may have outgrown the My Pal Violet, she still plays with it, its just made-up games now.

LeapFrog LeapBand – fitness and activity tracker for kids

Get your child excited about being active with the LeapBand, the newest activity tracker for kids!
The LeapFrog LeapBand is a kid’s activity tracker that aims to get children moving with a series of fun physical challenges and games. It is both a watch and a wristband tracker. Kids run, jump and play to earn rewards and power a customizable pet pal that lives on the band. Ideal for children aged 4 to 7.

For parents, the controls on LeapFrog Connect make it easy to set play times, challenges and more.

How it works

The more kids run, jump and play, the more they earn rewards to power a pet pal that lives on the band. Parents can preload 50 active challenges on the LeapBand to get kids moving, such as “pounce like a lion”, “march like an elephant” and “wriggle like a worm”. There are 8 virtual pets for children to choose from. Every pet is customizable so kids can make it their very own.

The more kids move, the more points they earn to unlock new pets and pet toys to play with.

LeapBand 1

Setting it Up

Parents can set up the LeapBand by connecting it to their computer using a USB cable. They can then download the LeapFrog Connect application onto their computer, cellphone or tablet and use it to set the parental controls or upload more challenges onto the device.

Parents can also set the LeapBand for times when it is able to be active or when it is inactive. I have set Ladybugs to be inactive during school times and when she is asleep – although the second morning it didn’t help, she woke up at 03h00 because she wanted to play with her LeapBand. Fortunately when the Monkey is on the face, it’s a watch and she cant play with it.

Once the child has unlocked all the pets, the app allows parents to see their child’s activity level for an entire week, so they know how active (or not) their child has been.

The LeapBand can be charged via the USB cable, either through a computer or a USB wall charger.

LeapBand 2

Smart Features

The onscreen pet changes colour to reflect your child’s activity level. The feature allows kids to instantly view their progress.

Kids can also see how many joules (jewels) they’ve earned and this encourages them to complete activity challenges to unlock new pets.

The LeapBand is perfect for getting kids off the couch and getting them motivated and moving! It is ideal for both girls and boys.

It also can double up as a watch and teach your child how to tell the time.

Ladybug has fallen in love with her LeapBand and I have to almost pry it from her to get it charged. Its easy for her to use, she sussed it out without me actually having to explain the pets and joules with her.

LeapBand Ladybug

You want to win a green LeapBand?

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The LeapFrog LeapBand is Available at ToyZone, Pick n Pay, Toys r us and Reggies stores countrywide. Recommended Retail Price is R399.99



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