Ladybug has a Foot Fetish

Ladybug has a foot fetish… well more a toe fetish than a (whole) foot fetish. She has taken to removing her shoe and sock and then holding her toes, squeezing them and then touching her tummy and packing out laughing.

If you sit on a chair with your one leg crossed over the other, she will very skilfully try and remove your shoe and your socks; she’ll then squeeze your toes, scrunch up her nose and then pack out laughing while moving away.

This is not completely arb behaviour, although if you don’t know what’s plotting you will think she is just trying to fulfil her foot/toe fetish. She is actually doing “This Little Piggy” with you.

The toe squeezing is the different piggies and then the touching her tummy is the “Wee wee wee all the way home” part of the rhyme.


But my favourite part is to watch her try and do This Little Piggy with Granddad. He HATES his feet and toes being tickled and Ladybug has this ability to sneak up to his feet and poke her fingers through the holes in his shoes to get to his toes. (He’s probably cringing just thinking about it now!)

Don’t give up Ladybug, one day you will get to do This Little Piggy on Granddad.


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  1. Marija jerkovic

    hahahhahahahha love it

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