Im a Side-Line-Backstage Mom

As Ladybug develops and more of her personality shines through, I am getting to learn more and more about her. What her likes are. What her dislikes are. What makes her tick and what makes her explode. Generally if she cant get her way she explodes, but doesn’t everyone really? One thing I have noticed is that Ladybug is a sporty bug… a very sporty bug.

Two weeks ago we lived, breathed and slept Ballet. Ladybug had a Ballet Concert on over the long weekend. Now Ladybug doesn’t just do Ballet at school with someone that is merely teaching them to point their toes and do twirls around the room, Ladybug’s Ballet School feeds into the likes of PACT and SABT. Her ballet teacher has developed some of the most elegent and talented dancers around. So when Ladybug has a Ballet Concert we not talking a show in front of Mommy and Daddy and Aunty and Uncle, we talking sell out the Roodepoort Civic Theatre for 4 shows over 3 days. I honestly thought Ladybug may have fallen asleep on her feet by the end of it. In 14 days she had 2 days off from Ballet, the rest of the time it was rehersals, full dress rehersels and Concert. One thing can be guaranteed at this stage is that Ladybug does NOT like make up at all, she hates it and doesn’t want to wear it again *Air Punch* but she did wonderfully, she danced so well and she would even Mimic the older dancers dances. I was very proud of how far she had come in such a short time in her dancing career!


Today, I am sitting on the side of the hockey field beaming with pride as I was her love for hockey grow even more now that she can play it. She found her love for Hockey at an early age, she would sit with Granddad and watch Hockey on the TV, she ALWAYS wanted to go watch him Umpire hockey and now she can play it, its like being let loose in a candy store!! She is usually up and dressed for Hockey before 06h00 on a Saturday morning – trying to get her to wake up at this time during the week is like trying to raise the dead!


Ladybug’s first love though is swimming. It always has been and always will be. She is a water baby through and through. Im very fortunately that they offer swimming lessons at school and I don’t have to fetch and carry to swimming twice a week as well. Give Ladybug half a chance and she will swim all day long, every day. Over the Easter weekend she was in the pool and loving it – we attempted to discourage her and tell her it was too cold, she was hearing none of that. Its amazing to see her confidence grow even more and watch her swimming more independently. When I can I do go watch her do Swimming Lessons and she beams with pride as she shows me what she can do or what new she has learnt at swimming.

There is no doubt that Ladybug is a sporty Bugs and I love watching her being active and loving every minute of it. I do foresee lots of side-lines and allot of backstage changing rooms in my future, lots of sacrificed weekends and early (freezing) mornings but at the end of the day if Ladybug thrives and loves it, then it is all worth it!



  1. Such a talent at such a young age! Awesome!!! Well done mum!

  2. That is so great. She’s so lovely! I am contemplating getting Ethan into soccer but I’m torn between this – pushing them too young vs encouraging their talent. At the tender age of 4, I really don’t want very late school nights for training. He does love it though and even his teachers have said that he’s got serious talent and that we need to take him for extra lessons but I’m wondering if it’s too much too soon…

  3. Oh I love all this! They grow and develop into who they are and what they like. It’s so funny actually – my A also loves dancing (ballet among them), hockey and yes, swimming!

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