Help is Here for the Holidays

One thing I am not is a domestic goddess, far from it! But in our house I have been the cook, cleaner and bottle washer for years. I briefly had a domestic helping us, but when she “tidied” my medication away into Ladybugs playroom I freaked out and that was the end of her – she lasted a whole 3 visits.

With the year-end madness that is happening now, this heat and my CFS I just couldn’t carry on so I decided on getting a domestic. Once I made that decision my anxiety levels increased because that would mean more interviews – I have just interviewed close on 70 people for jobs next year, the last thing I felt like doing was interviewing people in my personal time.

Then Sweep South happened… wow!! Sweep South are amazing. They do the interviewing and checks for you. You simply go online, click, click, click give them some details and someone arrives at the time of your booking. You can book online, on your phone or on your tablet. You simply follow the steps to give them details about your place – how many rooms, do you want ironing, windows cleaning, fridge cleaning etc. Payment is done via your debit or credit card (once your place has been cleaned) and if you like me, I had no clue how many hours to book, they are able to stay later, they just charge you appropriately.

What I was really impressed by was the fact that when an email confirmation was sent through to me for my booking, the profile of the Domestic Goddess along with her photo was sent through to me at the same time, so I knew who was coming to my house. And their rates are very reasonable! If you happen to be a complete hermit and you don’t have cleaning products, they can bring those along with them at an additional cost of R40.00

Sweep South

So if your Domestic Goddess is going away this festive season and you wonder how you are going to cope, or you simply looking for a domestic goddess to help you out, why not give Sweep South a try? And simply because I love you all and as Ladybug says, sharing is caring, use this link and you will receive R100 off your first cleaning.

Click here to receive R100 off your first cleaning 


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