Have Hashtag, Can Travel

While preparations have been underway for our epic adventure – and trust me the amount of planning required for a trip like this is beyond anything imaginable – one vital thing was missing… a Hashtag.

I know I know, I am feeding into the pressure of Social Media but NEEDING a Hashtag for our trip, but I have made so many amazing online friends through our little portals in cyberspace that’s its only fair to come with a hashtag, or six.

Hashtag? What Hashtag?

So our official travel Hashtag will be #LadybugTravels. This will be across all our Social Media Platforms so it will be easy to follow us, join us, wish you were us, or live vicariously through us. WE really don’t mind, as long as you join us and be part of our epic adventure.

What’s happening?

Plans are in the final stages. We have already embarked on the first leg of our epic adventure – there will be more about that on the blog later this week. We are now home for a few days, although our home looks a bit like a building site combined with a teenager’s messy room with a year’s worth of laundry dumped on the floor, its home none the less.

I’m running through check lists at the moment before we leave the shores of South Africa next week and by the feel of it, I can’t leave soon enough for the warmth (and humidity) of Hong Kong. We have visas, we have passports and we almost have tickets – just need to confirm one or two things still – then we off on our way.


Things are starting to get real

7 days… 7 sleeps… 7 mornings to wake up… that is all…. Then there is no looking back, we are actually doing this. We are actually doing #LadybugTravels.



  1. ah Hong Kong I love that place! Lots of shopping and lots of English available to help! Taiwan is also good for clothes shopping (cheaper).

  2. Yay – how exciting! Can’t wait to hear more about it all and follow your journey of course. How’s little Ladybug feeling about it all?!

  3. Love the hashtag and love the blog post title! Cool!

  4. Enjoy! What an adventure. Will follow you guys closely

  5. You are a LOT braver than I! But I cannot wait to live vicariously through you and little Miss Moo.


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