What’s Happening Across the Ocean?

Its been a while since I blogged. So much has happened and we have been trying to figure out life across the oceans. So this blog will be a bit of a touch base, catch up and a general this is what’s happening.

What’s happening in Ladybug’s life?

Ladybug has settled into big school so well, she’s rocking this Kindergarten thing. Over and above the reading and writing leaps and bounds she has taken, there is so much more that has happened in this young lady that blows my mind. We have had discussions about the line of symmetry at 07h00 in the morning, we do maths sums for fun and we read books way beyond her years – ok that one is not new, but she has just taken to the Tree Storey Series (more to follow on that).

There have also been some major physical changes in Ladybug, new milestones being reached and to be honest this are the ones I struggle with the most and I guess its because I can physically see them. Ladybug lost a tooth recently and we had a visit from the tooth fairy. She has an extremely wobbly second tooth, so the visiting fairy is due in our house any time now. With loosing a tooth, Ladybug suddenly developed a lisp and an accent!!! It’s the cutest thing really, and sometimes I get shouted at by her because I say a word incorrectly, or with the wrong accent.

So this happened in September

Growing… they always growing…

Ladybug has shot up and most of her pants are now so short you would swear she is waiting for the floods to hit! She is now wearing size 7 clothes!!! I cant believe it!! This means she has also shot up a shoe size or two and I experienced first had the disadvantages to living in a small town and trying to find new school shoes during 3rd term school holidays! We succeeded and we didn’t have to call in the family from the city for help. Ladybug’s luscious golden mane has also grown and now sits at the top of her butt, although according to the world of Ladybug, its still not long enough. She is waiting for her hair to touch the floor like Rapunzel.

Hair for days

Sometimes we need to roll with the punches and the tears

Ladybug has been adjusting to life this side of the ocean, although it hasn’t been all rainbows and fairytales. She misses friends and family, she has cried many tears, had many angry backlashes and if you ask her where we live she still tells you South Africa. But Im learning to pick my battles with her and we just take each day at a time. I will be honest, I didn’t realise the move would have such a HUGE impact on her – after all she is a kid right!?!?!

What’s happening with me?

I have been juggling between being a full time student, a mom, an adult, a casual teacher and adjusting to life as it now is. I have had good times and bad times. Its hard to believe sometimes that in the last 13 months we have only spent 12 weeks outside of Australia. Sometimes it feels like we only got here yesterday, sometimes it feels like we have been here for years.

I miss things and I don’t miss things

Im still at the missing people stage, and crying an ugly cry when I think about them. I miss people with all my heart, and I miss places (like Clarens and the Bush) but Im not sure if I miss South Africa. I don’t miss the stress, the consent business of the city, I don’t miss the traffic, I don’t miss the shorter days, the grayer skies and I don’t miss the skyscrapers – ok maybe the country side has grown on me or maybe I have fallen in love with the blue skies, the fact that it takes me 15 mins (in peak hour traffic) to get from one end of town to the other. I have also fallen in love with Summer and Daylight savings – the sun only setting after 7pm in Spring works so well with every fibre of who I am.

I thought I would miss the corporate world. The deadlines, the reports, the involvement, the meetings… but truth be told I don’t miss it. My days at work now are filled with enriching growing minds.  Taking them to places they never knew existed before and learning from them. My body aches after a day at work, I wont lie.  But Im not wishing the day away and I am not dreading going to work.  Truth be told, I miss those hooligans when I don’t see them.  Im turning into a teacher *shudder*.  Hours are spent thinking of ideas to grow ideas the kids have come up with.  I spend hours shopping for things for school.  Im spending money I don’t think I have on supplies for school. This could be getting dangerous!

Exciting things are on the horizon

As we settle into our new lives, I can now do the things I had planned for earlier this year. There are a few exciting things happening here in the countryside.  There are some exciting things happening in South Africa that I will be sharing with you all.

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  1. I also spend too much money on teaching stuff! So glad you’re finding your calling.
    Wishing you all the best as you grown into your new home.

  2. So good hearing about you guys and all your achievement!!!!! Love seeing Ladybug!

  3. I can understand how hard it is to move somewhere new. I am glad to hear though that you are enjoying aspects of Australia 🙂 … I surly do love daylight savings especially in summer when we have light until 8-8:30pm!!! I hope you get to explore different states of Australia, everything is so different everywhere here 🙂

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