Things We Learnt During A Glass Recycling Challenge

During the month of May I accepted a challenge from The Glass Recycling Company to be more proactive in glass recycling and I asked you to join us. So how did your glass recycling go? Here’s how ours went.

A Little Something That Helped

As I mentioned in my acceptance post, we pretty proactive in recycling glass but during the month of May I was a little more conscious than I was before. We had this sign placed up near the bins so that we could be reminded what glass could and couldn’t be recycled

Glass Recycling


So Why Bother Recycling Glass?

By recycling, you are preventing waste glass from filling up South Africa’s ‘dump sites’, tips and landfills. Instead of littering, you are ensuring our natural environment is kept clean and beautiful. Recycling just one bottle saves enough energy to power a fluorescent light bulb for seven hours! For every ton of waste glass used to manufacture new glass, 1.2 tons of natural resources are saved. Unemployed people are able to earn a source of income by collecting and selling the glass to buy-back centres.

Glass Recycling

Making Glass Recycling Fun For The Family

Have you ever wondered how much energy you are really saving/creating by recycling your glass? We used the energy calculator a lot over the last month and was really surprised to find out exactly how much a little bit of Glass can save. Have a play around on the Energy Calculator here

I have found some awesome activities for the kids to do.  You can find them here or you can click on the photo below to download the colouring page.  Head on over to our Pinterest Page to get more activities (and the answers).

Glass Recycling Colouring In

How did your glass recycling go? How did you do during the month of May, tell me about it.

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