Exploring Jozi – Feeding the Ducks

One of our favourite places to explore in Jozi is Emmerentia Dam. We often pop in there after school or over the weekend to feed the over fed ducks. Ladybug LOVES it. She has become somewhat of a professional at duck feeding. She knows the routine, we park, hold Mommy’s hand to cross the parking then she is free to run ahead, b-lining it to the jetty. We then wait till Mommy takes the 3 steps to get to the jetty and that hand goes up “Ta…. Ta… Mamma…. Ta” and with that lunch is served for the ducks.

We have come to terms with the fact that our Water Baby (aka Ladybug) cannot go swimming with the ducks, although this lesson had to be taught a few times, one included Mommy kneeling down in duck poop, bum in the air, arm out to stop Ladybug from dashing into the dam to fish out her shoe while Ladybug stood on the banks laughing! I did have visions of me going head first into the Dam and coming up going “Ive got it, the shoe it fine!”

Ladybug has learnt that throwing food ON the ducks mean they tend to splash around to get the food and she gets wet in the process – SCORE! – so we try throw the food on the ducks backs! She has also learnt that big pieces float for a short while then sink without the ducks eating them and she gets worried about this, so now we throw little pieces for the ducks to eat.

Her latest lesson she learnt while feeding the ducks is that a white goose IS bigger than her and will hiss at her and not back down when she says “No no” needless to say Mommy came to the rescue before the goose ended a tender piece of Ladybug for lunch.

Place: Emmarentia Dam
Location: Thomas Bowler Street,Roosevelt Park
Cost: R6.99 for the loaf of bread for the ducks (Entrance is free)
Activities: Feeding the Ducks, Geese and the odd brave bird. (There is a lot more to do at Emmerentia Dam/Botanical Gardens, but I will do that separately)

feeding ducks

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