#LadybugTravels: What do you do when you in Hong Kong for a Day – Disney Land of Course

When we left for our adventure almost 6 months ago – I cant believe it was so long ago, Im itching to get going again!  I decided we were going to make the most of our adventure and the endless flights to get there. We all know that flights that go via some other place are far cheaper than direct flights, and the longer the lay over the cheaper the flight (generally speaking) so why not make it magical and sprinkle a bit of Disney Magic in to the adventure.

If you Plan it right the world is waiting to be explored

So when I was planning our adventure, I looked at all the options available to us. I looked at all the airlines flying via somewhere else. Then the real work began. Not only did I need to do the research into the flights, I needed to look at what the hub countries were, what they had on offer and of course as South Africans travelling on a beautiful green passport, what visas we would need if we went exploring and of course how easy it would be to explore with a Ladybug and relying solely on public transport.

Planning our trip to Disney

We Heading to Hong Kong

After hours of researching I had finally decided, we were going to fly Cathay Pacific from Johannesburg to Hong Kong then onto Sydney. I have always had this pull to Asian Culture, the richness of the culture, the endless things to explore and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Cathay Pacific allow you to break your flight, you are able to have one stop over (not just a layover, but you can have a mini holiday before heading to your final destination) in Hong Kong. Originally, this was going to be my plan, we were going to stay in Hong Kong for a few days on Lan Tau Island – Hong Kong City has no appeal to me to be honest, I was more interested in the cultural history. I wanted to see the villages on Lan Tau Island, I wanted to see the Giant Gold Buddha and obviously, I wanted to go to Disney Land, ok maybe Ladybug wanted to go to Disney Land – who am I kidding it was all me. I was also hoping to do a hop skip and a jump over to mainland China and explore China for a bit as well.

Needless to say, plans change – this is one thing I learnt during this whole adventure! Due to a couple of set backs during the month of August my week long adventure I had planned in Hong Kong was cut down to a day and in hindsight, Im glad it was cut down to a day.

Disney Land here we come

We arrived in Hong Kong at 07h00 and having been fed breakfast on board, so we were set for our day filled of adventure. We put our hand luggage in storage at the airport – this is really handy if you are going out of the airport, it means you not dragging around a hand luggage suitcase. I had scrutinised the bus routes and knew exactly which bus to get on to go to Disney Land. Then it hit us, that wall of heat an humidity. As soon as we walked out the airport to the bus terminal I thought I was going to die, my sweat started sweating within 5 seconds of being outside, but we carried on.

Having successfully navigated 2 busses (which had free wifi I must just add) we arrived at Disney Land. What I didn’t realise is that we had arrived there just before the park officially opened which was pretty cool because we got to browse the shops leading up the main path and then as the rides opened, we headed off to explore.

Im not one for roller coasters and scary rides, and nor is Ladybug so we were quiet happy walking around doing all the timid rides and meeting the characters. Well when I say walking, I was doing the walking, Ladybug was seated in the lap of luxury with a pram that we hired for the day – best investment EVER! Each place we went to had a pram parking lot and prams were parked there with all your belongings on it and they were there when you got back *shock horror*

Memories are different for everyone

One of my highlights was watching Ladybug in the 4D theatre. I was spoilt as a child to go to Disney World in Orlando and I still remember the 4D theatre for Honey I Shrunk the Kids (giving my age away here) and since then I have been pretty disappointed in the 3D movies that have come out because nothing lives up to Disney! Ladybug was reaching out trying to touch the objects that flew out the screen (along with most of the audience) and it was truly magical watching her experience the Disney Magic.

Ladybug’s highlight was the carousel. Still to this day she believes Hong Kong is Disney Land and Carousels. She loved every minute of it! I think she even tried to convince Granny that she needs to go to Hong Kong for her Birthday and ride the Horses. Ladybug was rather disappointed when she realised we were back at Hong Kong International Airport on our return trip and we hadn’t gone to Disney Land.

As I said before I have been to the real deal, Disney World in Orlando and while Disney Land in Hong Kong doesn’t hold a candle to Disney World, but it was still magical and I thoroughly loved sharing it with Ladybug and watching her eyes sparkle as the magic came alive!

A Glimpse into Disney Land Adventure

I will definitely be going back to Hong Kong, but I will be going in Winter.  There is alot we didnt get to do at Disney Land, maybe we will even stay in one of the hotels there and make it truely magical.  I want to go and explore Lan Tau Island, maybe I will take a trip to Hong Kong Central but from the little bit I did experience by interest is still peeked. I cant wait for Ladybug to be a little older so we can go explore more of the rich culture there is in Hong Kong.

A rather shattered and exhausted Ladybug (and Mommy) made it back to the airport in one piece with Mickey Mouse along for the ride. Our next stop was Sydney, Australia.

Ladybug Hugs


  1. This is something I would love to take Nicky to. I did go to Disney World in Florida in my twenties and it was definitely something I worked towards.
    I can’t help it I am a romantic!
    I’m glad Ladybug had a good time!

  2. It’s so amazing that you are really getting to enjoy the world – I’m so jealous!!! Sounds like fun. I also remember Honey I Shrunk The Kids at Disney in Orlando 🙂

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