Diaries of a Talking Ladybug – Part 1

With Ladybugs vocabulary growing day by day, we have the most interesting conversations at the best of times.

Mommy pushing the proverbial buttons:
On the way to school in the morning…
Me: Can you say Fredah?
Ladybug: ah-ah
Me: Can you say Chantelle?
Ladybug: ah-ah
Me: Can you say Roelien?
Ladybug: ah-ah
Me: Can you say Teacher?
Ladybug: ah-ah
Me: Can you say ah-ah?
Ladybug: MOMMY!!!!

A heart melting moment:
Me: *jumping up and down with excitement as Bryan Habana scores a spectacular tri*
Ladybug: Mommy, get my Baby. Dess You
Me: Here my angel, do you want all your babies? I will give them all to you because you asked soooo nicely

Bribery works:
Me: Come brush your teeth for school please
Ladybug: No
Me: Come brush your teeth else you cant see Teacher Fredah
Ladybug: No… Aleeeeesha
Me: You wont see Alisha either if you don’t brush your teeth
Ladybug: No…. Georrrrge?
Me: You definitely wont see Granddad if you don’t brush your teeth
Ladybug: Ok… *hand out for tooth brush*
Me: *Gives toothbrush to Ladybug*
Ladybug: Tankoo

Calling people by their correct names:
Me: Where’s Granddad?
Ladybug: There *points*
Me: Where?
Ladybug: There *points*
Me: I cant see him. Call Granddad.
Ladybug: Georrrrrge

Being Miss Bossy:
Bella and Buzz (the dogs) rough housing it on the grass
Ladybug: Oi Bella No… Oi Bu(zz) No… Bella… Oi… Bella Shoosh!

She’s MY daughter:
In any given shop, the reaction when she sees shoes
Ladybug: Look… ITS A SHOES!!!

Potty Training Tales:
Silence then suddenly
Ladybug: Oh-Oh…. MOMMEEEEEE… wee-wee
Followed by her getting a cloth to clean up

While Ladybug was meant to be far away in dreamland, I hear pitta patta through the house to the lounge.
Ladybug: *Holding a wet nappy in her hand having taken it off her bum* oh-oh Mamma wee-wee


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