Day 14: Your Earliest Memory

I cant remember much from my childhood, not without seeing photos or being told about it.  My Gran was convinced I had an unhappy childhood, I don’t know so much I can’t remember; maybe I have blocked it out and maybe I try think that life was good and I only remember the happy times.

I have a few early memories that come to mind, but one of the earliest ones was when Halley’s Comet came around in 1986.  We lived in a block of flats on 3rd Ave Linden, I was 5.  I can’t tell you if I knew what was happening, but I remember going out into the garden with my Father and looking into the sky at night to see the comet.

The night sky must have been a fascination for me at around that age because I can also remember sitting outside on a chair, pencil in hand, paper in front of me and a pair of binoculars.  I was drawing the moon in detail.   I loved drawing, and so does Ladybug, so I can see where she gets that from!

I remember being fetched from School by Justina my nanny,  although I do think she was employed mostly to look after my brother, Im claiming her!  We used to walk home with a boy called Bruce and his Nanny, I was convinced I was going to marry him and he was my boyfriend, being older than me, he made a suitable boyfriend.

I remember loving ballet classes and always being either in the front at the bar or the second in front – we were sized from shortest to tallest – I remember thinking the class was HUGE and going to the back of the classroom was a privilege because us shorties (or young ones) were always in the front.

All these memories are around the same age/time because we still lived in Linden and we moved to RandPark Ridge when I started Grade 1 in 1987.


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