Culture Vultures And Creating Memories

This weekend was very much a culture-vulture weekend for myself, Ladybug and some unwilling victims awesome friends.

Saturday saw us “Big Kids” being out numbered by the little kids at the Peoples Theatre to watch Aladdin Jnr. We were 10 in total, only 4 Adults… and Alcohol was most definitely involved later on at the Spur. The kids loved the Peoples Theatre and the 5 newbies that we coaxed into joining us have agreed that they enjoyed it and this will become a regular for us all. The 3 girls loved the fact that they got to have Happy Birthday sung to them on stage.

Peoples Theare

Sunday saw Ladybug and myself heading back to the Joburg Theatre Complex, this time we headed round the back to the home of the Joburg Ballet Company. The amazing people at Adventure Club had arranged a Tiara and Tutus Adventure for the morning. Ladybug was beyond excited because I explained to her that Mommy also used to dance at this ballet, she even made me dig out my ballet shoes and take them with in case Mommies could dance with the girls.

The girls were awestruck, there were real ballerinas there, they were in a real ballet studio and there was way too much excitement to be contained. Some of the dancers has given up their Sunday morning lay-in to help entertain the little ballerinas for the morning. The first activity was decorating old pointe shoes. Ladybug was in her element, and because of her recent concert, she knew that Pointe shoes were to be worn and not only decorated, so once she had decorated it to her satisfaction the shoe went on and she was determined that she was going to dance with it one now, she was also convinced that she could dance en pointe as well for a brief nano second.

Ballet Shoe


Next up, Burnise Silvius lead a heard of cats the excited little ballerinas in a class of a few warm up exercises.


Kitty Phetla, despite being injured and sore, put on a brave face and showed the girls how to stretch.   Ruan Galdino had the patience of a saint and showed the little ballerinas how to do a dance from Giselle


Burnise explained the story of Giselle – which when you heard it being told as a story is actually rather grim. I think you overlook the grimness of it when you watching it as a beautiful ballet! The girls, and the moms, were then treated to a a pas de deux from Giselle and a Solo from Giselle


Thank you to everyone at Joburg Ballet for an awesome morning, for giving Ladybug the best morning she has had in a long time. Her pointe shoe is still being worn at home and she cant wait to be a Big Ballerina like Giselle.




  1. ah these are times I wish I had a girl! I also did ballet and it was so part of my life. I recognise some of the people in the pictures and I’m glad you all had a fabulous time!
    Wow were you really a ballet dancer there? That’s awesome!

    • I never made it to being a Ballet Dancer at Joburg Ballet, but I have known Iain for years and I did the Adult Ballet class in the evenings (at Joburg Ballet) with him for a long time… I will admit, I have coaxed a friend to join me and we will be going back from next month

  2. What an awesome morning and great idea!

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