Conversations with a 2 year Old

Ladybug is still 2 – I say still 2 because I cant believe it was 3 years ago I went on Maternity leave, 3 years ago I started the long wait for Madame to eventually decide to grace us with her presence – but I digress from the topic of the post.

Ladybug is still 2… So she is still very much on a massive learning curve in life.  She is forming reason and logic at the moment and as a result, the conversations are quiet something else.

At school they are learning about their bodies, they are learning that boys and girls are different, which I can only imagine is blowing Ladybugs mind because in our house we are the same, we don’t have a boy who is different.
Randomly Ladybug told me she was a boy… so naturally I corrected her  and the conversation went like this:
Ladybug: Mommy Im a boy
Mommy: You not.  You a girl
Ladybug: No! “Chung-kla”, he’s a girl so Im a boy
Shame poor Ladybug is grasping the concept that she is different to her boy friend but she is convinced she’s a boy.  Thankfully a few days later she got it right and now she is a girl and “Chung-kla” is a boy.

Ladybug also is at the “Why” stage, or the “Really” stage in life.  I try not give her the “Because I said so” answer but after 10 “Why Mommy” it gets to that stage.  Sometimes she has me on the floor with her questioning and then her applying the logic.  The other night, she was eating Panda (pasta to normal people) and this is what happened:
Ladybug: *putting noodles in her belly button*
Mommy: What are you doing?
Ladybug: I feeding my tummy
Mommy: You can’t feed your tummy like that
Ladybug: Really?
Mommy: Yes really… You need to put it in your mouth to get to your tummy
Ladybug: Really?
Mommy: Yes really
Ladybug: *talking to belly button* Sorry Panda mommy says you must go in my mouth

My favourite and more heart warming conversation I had with Ladybug was when we returned from our adventures down under.  The plan was that she was to go back to school the following Monday, not the day after we landed, but this is what happened:
Ladybug: Mommy?
Mommy: Go to sleep
Ladybug: I wakey Mommy
Mommy: You can’t wakey, its still dark.  If you go to sleep again, when you wakey it will be time for school.
Mommy: why you awake and not sleeping
Ladybug: I wakey cos I go school *wooohooo*
Mommy: The sun is still sleeping its not time for school yet.  Try sleep some more and then we can go to school
04h00 – 07h00 Ladybug slept soundly – I cleaned the house because now I was awake
Ladybug: Mommeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Mommy: Morning Love
Ladybug: Mommy I no sleeping anymore I want to go school

Ta Da its time for School

Ta Da its time for School


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  1. I love that part about feeding her tummy! So funny. I think it’s great she is so keen for school! 🙂

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