Colour Me Crazy

The holidays were tough for me as a Parent. As much as I LOVE spending time with Ladybug, I don’t like spending time with a whining, crying, shouting, tantruming Ladybug. I want her to want to be with me, to give me missed cuddles, missed kisses, missed laughs… all the missed things because I was at work and she was at school. Ladybug is lucky that I mantra’ed “This Too Shall Pass” 10 million times a day.

Ladybug’s Wonder Weeks are getting worse and worse the older she gets. But as soon as I put two and two together and got the answer of ten, I realized Ladybug was in a Wonder Week – Lord give me strengths for all future Wonder Weeks, I don’t think we will be able to ride them out much longer. I know the books all say that Wonder Weeks end at around 18 months, but Ladybugs have continued and I fear they will continue for a few years to come.

I managed to ride this one out, I may have stocked my fridge with a lot of alcohol and blamed the festive season, but we both made it through. And the result? She can colour in pictures, sure not perfectly but I think they great for a 3 year old.

Colouring 3

Colouring 1

Colouring 2

I don’t really like colouring books for Ladybug, I think its important that she is able to express her artistic tendencies without being confined to lines and pictures, but she was given a colouring in book for Christmas and she loves it. She sits for 10 to 15 minutes every night before bed and works quietly on her master piece. I was shocked and amazed at how much she has developed in this area. 2 weeks ago these would have simply been scribbles.


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  1. I am also not the greatest fan of colouring books for kids but it does develop skills and there is space for artistic expression. I always went with the concept of rather draw, but you want to colour too. I on the other hand adore my adult colouring and I have the kids doing it too – great fine motor skills

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