Challenge Accepted: The Glass Recycling Company

Earlier this week I was sent a challenge by The Glass Recycling Company. They challenged me to recycle all my glass for the month of May. Seems easy enough, right?

Glass is one of the world’s most prevalent and sustainable materials. It is both hard enough to use as building resources for our homes or offices and flexible enough to create inspiring works of art. Glass is in its molten state can be converted into any form or shape. This allows it to be dynamic, shifting to match the vision of the person shaping its form.

Glass can be endlessly recycled and change shapes many times, making it a substance of infinite possibilities. South Africans are finding unique ways to build a legacy through glass, from spearheading the recycling industry, building a small community business and creating conceptual artwork that will inspire for years to come.


Our Bit of Recycling

Ladybug and I have always done out bit for the environment, we do believe in recycling. I will admit right up front that although we recycle, glass is probably the one recycling material we don’t do enough of. Sure we put aside glass and we add it to the recycling, but we don’t recycle ALL our glass and we don’t reuse all that much either. I have purchased many glass mason jars over the years and they tend to sit and gather dust before I think of reusing them. During the month of May, I am going to be making a concerted effort to recycle and reuse glass and I will report back on it. Follow us on our Social Media platforms to see how we doing.


Glass packaging is 100% recyclable and can be recycled infinitely, so instead of sitting in the bin, your glass could easily go to a glass bank as part of its journey to being recycled to create an entirely new glass packaging container.

As a nation, 80% of the glass South Africans use annually is prevented from entering landfill, through both recycling and the use of returnable bottles like glass quart bottles and cool drink bottles.


Spearheading Glass Recycling In SA

The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) is proud to be celebrating 11 years (come July) of glass recycling success in South Africa. This anniversary marks a decade of sustainable glass recycling and glass reuse, a practice vital for all packaging.

At the heart of TGRC exists the CEO’s commitment to safeguard the environment, help support small businesses and foster meaningful partnerships with Government as well as NGOs. As CEO, Shabeer Jhetam is proud of the company’s achievements and believes in its potential to continue to drive entrepreneurial development, job creation and environmental awareness. He believes “The greatest test of responsible packaging is its ability to be recycled. We continue to raise awareness of the benefits of glass recycling. Broadly speaking it reduces waste in landfills, has a positive impact on the environment and creates jobs.


TGRC has changed the lives of 50 000 people, not to mention the extended effect it has on these individuals’ families. Jhetam says “this gives me great comfort as we have helped the lives of others through our work. Through glass recycling we are able to help these individuals develop a sense of responsibility and pride in what they are doing”.

Join us and Lets get Recycling

Join us on this challenge and lets get recycling during the month of May. To simplify your recycling routine, make a list of all the items you use regularly in your home that can be recycled, and put it on the fridge as a reminder for every household member.

Place a clearly marked glass recycling bin next to your regular rubbish bin, and when it’s full, just take it to your nearest glass bank, which can be found online.

To further motivate your family and get the kids involved to see the bigger picture, download a carbon calculator and find out how much energy you save by recycling your glass containers. Encourage your family to reduce your quotas and get them working towards a target.


I would love to hear how what you and your family do for glass recycling, or what you plan on doing when you join us for this challenge. Share this challenge with your friends and get them involved too. Join the discussion on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, use the hashtag #Heart4Glass so we can see how we all doing!

Ladybug Hugs


  1. Thanks for this! We haven’t been doing it! I did sms, but did not get a reply. Only a number to call?
    Do you have to clean the bottles from their labels?

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