A Day for Ladybug!

365 days have passed, and Ladybug is 1 today. I don’t think she has a cooking clue whats happening to be honest; I on the other hand, am very emotional. It’s hard to describe. I could never imagine my life without Ladybug in it, and yet in 365 days such a small thing has had such a massive impact on my life. I, never in a million years, thought that I would be singing happy birthday to MY child, and yet I have done it twice now (once at her party and again this morning).

At 19h29 365 days ago, this little blue thing was put on my chest, shuddered, turned pink and looked up at me with these amazing eyes and just like that, my heart left my body and started beating outside of it, my life changed forever and I became a Mom. There is no better thing in the world than being a Mom, I realise this now.

From that little blue thing to the Ladybug now, there is so much that has changed, there is so much she does, says and tries.  It’s the most amazing thing to watch and when she accomplishes something, I beam with pride!

We now have a list of things we say:

  • Mamma
  • Baba – That is our knight in shining Armour
  • Ga or Gaga – These are old people older people, people with grey hair generally.
  • Ta 
  • Bye or Bye bye
  • Lelloooo – this is new, and she does it when holding my BB up to her ear (maybe Mommy is on the phone too much)
  • Titty – This shocked me yesterday at playgroup, we were reading a book, I said look there’s a kitten to which she replied titty and pointed at the kitten – I kept testing her to see if it wasn’t a fluke, but every time she saw the kitten she said titty *sigh*
  • Go  
  • Up 
  • Gain – “Again” I blame this solely on Teletubbies
  • Nooooo and aahaah – obviously I say this often (and she shakes her head when saying it)
  • Umm – she looks at me when she stands still, and says umm and put her hand out for me to “come” with her.

Ladybug has developed her own form of sign language, if she wants me to open something for her, she puts it against my chest, takes it away and starts showing me what she wants me to do, then she puts it against my chest again (like open a box or a toy)

Madame is a toddler, in every sense of the word. She has been walking since 9 months 24 days (Merry Christmas Mommy), although her first steps were taken at 8 ½ months. She doesn’t look like a baby anymore, that is long gone!

Her hair is thick, getting long and curly and VERY blonde. We can now wear ponies, pig tails, half a pony and today we are wearing one pony at the back of our hear with an alice band!

She has 8 teeth with all 4 terrible eyeteeth cutting (please let this be a quick semi painless experience!)

We love books, magazines and Tayo on Mommy’s ipad. We also love skyping Granny on the iPad and kissing her!

Madame can climb a slide, the right way and the wrong way, on her own.

She is starting to do puzzles and get them right (the put the animal back in its place wooden puzzles).

She LOVES the outdoors and being an adrenaline junkie on swings and climbing.

She loves screwing lids on things (she’s odd like that).

She loves my Boy Cabbage Patch Doll.

She goes crazy for anything music related, drums, tambourines, castanets, shakers; she is in her element if she can make music.

Madame is a water baby, and has even figured out all the ways through the house to get to the pool!

The “bad” side of Madame is that she is a determined little thing with a very very strong will. She is very advanced for her age and gets frustrated because of it. We’ve been through the biting phase already, and now we onto the tantrum stage (or rantrums as we call them – Random Tantrums). She is a hurricane and leaves a path of destruction from one end of the house to the other in the afternoons.

Ladybug is also a very affectionate child, dishing out hugs and kisses all the time. There is laughter and smiles more then there are rantrums and tears. And although I often threaten to sell her to the gypsies, I wouldn’t change a single thing about her!

Happy Birthday Mommy’s Moo, I love you with all my heart and then tons more. Thank you for choosing me, for being mine. Here’s to another 100 birthdays together!


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