A Crick in the Neck

I love Mondays like I love going for root canal treatment with no painkillers, everything just seems to happen on a Monday.

Last week Monday I get a call from Madame’s teacher (with her screaming her head off in the background) “Ladybug is sick, she isn’t sleeping or eating. Can you come fetch her? I don’t know whats wrong”. So I dash out of the office to go fetch Madame, thinking the absolute worst. Thinking that I have to take my little one to the doctor to get her pumped with nasty antibiotics at such a young age, it breaks my heart. The drive to school was the longest 10 mins of my life, but I made it without killing any taxi drivers. I pick her up, console her and take her back to the safe haven that is our palace, only for the Little Madame to giggle and smile at me the whole time. You look at this and tell me if there is something wrong with her?

Charfalitus (n) Pretending to be so sick you couldn’t possibly complete a day at school. It attacks the young and innocent and gets worse with age. It gives Mothers grey hairs and makes them sick with worry.

Madame had a terrible case of Charfalitus!!!

This Monday, I get another call from the school, now a little more prepared in Madame’s Charfalitus I was going to be a cold heartless mother and tell them to keep her there I will be there to fetch her when I fetch her. This time it wasn’t her teacher, it was the Principle of the school. My heart sunk, whats wrong with my Ladybug? Madame has a crick in her neck, they just thought they would let me know, she was fine, no need for me to fetch her. So Monday Charfalitis struck again. Although I will admit that this time it was Mommy’s fault.
Madame is very happy sitting or standing and even happier in her Bumbo or Walking Ring. She is only little and I can only think that the time she was in her walking ring on Sunday was too long for her little body, that’s why she had a crick in her neck – bad Mommy. But it was nothing that a warm bath and a little TLC couldn’t fix. I must just remember short periods of time sitting and standing alone!!

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